Margaret Foley is the Managing Director of Adlife Pty Ltd - ABN 69 082 805 123
(A provider of quality professional natural practitioner services)
Address for Service: 6 Erobin St Cleveland 4163 Phone: 07 32869286 Email:
The first Quality Assured Naturopathic Company in Queensland.

In 1980 Margaret was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was successfully treated utilising natural healing methods. This caused Margaret to take an active interest in natural healing to the extent that she obtained formal qualifications and opened her clinic in Cleveland in 1992. In excess of twenty thousand patients have contacted this clinic and have presented themselves as patients. In 2000 Margaret appeared on TV with patients who had received relief from Ross River and Glandular fever symptoms using protocols that our clinic had formulated.

In 2001 Margaret was one of fifteen Naturopaths in Australia who have successfully completed the Quality Assurance program for Naturopaths. This means we practice evidence evidence -based nutritional medicine working alongside General Practitioners.

For several years Margaret has been a regular Radio presenter on 4BC Naturopathic radio talkback program.

Healing Methods
To obtain a diagnosis of your condition, Margaret may utilize the following:

  • Patient and Family History

  • Clinical Examination

  • Medical History

Margaret may also refer you to your Medical Practitioner or another health/social practitioner for tests or x-rays.

The healing methods suggested by Margaret may include the following:

  • Lifestyle Evaluation/Modification

  • Nutritional Modification

  • Vitamin Supplements

  • Mineral Supplements

  • Herbal Preparations

Phone 32869286 for an appointment
If you intend to cancel any appointment you will need to provide at least 24 hours notice as any failure to attend may incur a fee.

Health Fund Rebates
Rebates are available from most health funds for consultation fees and your receipt should be forwarded to your health fund for the refund.

You may have many questions about your treatment. You should make a note of all questions and discuss these with Margaret at your next appointment. Earlier appointments should be scheduled if necessary.

In the event that Margaret is unable to be contacted, kindly contact your medical practioner or a hospital for immediate advice.

The Healing Process

Healing processes differ from patient to patient. In some cases the healing is almost immediate. On other occasions the process may proceed at a slower pace.
It is important that you follow the program as close as possible to provide your body with the best chance to heal itself.


We endeavour to provide quality, professional advice and welcome any suggestions as to how this service may be improved. Margaret is also a member of the Australian Traditional Medical Society. This organisation may also assist you with any concerns.


By Clinton Berends April 2008
(March 2013 Clinton has recovered) “When I first met Margaret Foley my health and immediate future were looking very grim. I had been told 6 days earlier that my melanoma had spread to my liver and my lungs and that I could be dead within 3-4 months. Immediately Margaret showed us the urgency of the situation and the need to be proactive in fighting, and maybe even halting the spread of the cancer. She put us onto a protocol and gave to us expertise, experience and practical support necessary to begin such a gruelling regime. Throughout the time I have been on this protocol Margaret has continued to offer support, encouragement and practical help. She goes out of her way to research new ideas, always wanting the best for her clients. Now, 7 months down the track, my tumours have gone, I am in remission, and still fighting on. We will always be extremely grateful to Margaret for what she has done.”